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Industrial Robots

Motoman robot model is compatible with one or more robot controller models, enabling you to program and control tasks of a single robot orcoordinate multiple robot arms. Contact Sun-Wa for assistance finding the right types of industrial robots, controllers, positioners and other peripherals for your application.


Highly Flexible Cables

Dyden Bend-Proof Flexible Cables combine an exclusive design with reliable bending and twisting technology. Dyden maintains the #1 market share in the highly competitive continuous flex cable industry, including robot cables in Japan. Dyden cables have demonstrated success in industrial environments for over 60 years.


Ground Noise Filters

Unlike conventional power line filters, Ground Line Noise Filters from GroundNiteconvert noise into heat (rather than reflecting it). GroundNite Ground Line Noise Filters are effective in substantially attenuating noise from 3kHz through frequencies in the multiple megahertz.


DC Power Supply

Switching Power Supplies, AC to DC, DC to DC and more.
- Unit Type
- PCB Type
- Power Module Type
- System Power Supply


ATX Power Supply

Highly reliable, long life power supplies for medical, semiconductor and industrial industries.
- Nonstop Power Suppies/Uninterruptible Power Supplies
- Desktop PC Power Supplies
- Rack Mount Power Supplies
- Control Mechanical System Power Supplies



All types of connectors for industrial equipment, electronic devices, such as MS connectors, and many others. We carry a large stock of connectors.


Cable Harnesses

We supply even small quantities of cable harnesses featuring very high quality, short delivery and a competitive price. Large quantites are produced in Asia and air freighted to keep costs competitive.


Other Products

- AC/DC Fan Motors
- and more.