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  • FAULT CLEAR can replace currently installed reclosers on the utility poles. Simply disconnect the control cable from the installed recloser, and connect to FAULT CLEAR.

  • FAULT CLEAR can be used as a standard three-phase or Triple/Single recloser. The recloser ratings and construction apply to both applications for a more robust product and long life.


  • FAULT CLEAR can be connected with a SEL-651 R2 controller through a standard 32-pin control cable for three-phase or Triple/Single application. The single phase FAULT CLEAR unit is compatible with the SEL-351 RS controller with a 10-pin control cable.

Enhancing Reliability In Grid Operation

  • FAULT CLEAR consists of three independent solid dielectric interrupters that enable operation by phase. Single phase operation on a three phase system increases reliability for the overhead distribution grid operation.


  • FAULT CLEAR has 6 voltage sensors and 3 current sensors built in.
  • FAULT CLEAR is designed to have long service life by selecting reliable materials and parts.
  • Bushings are made of an epoxy body with silicone sheds for high UV environments.
  • Recloser frame and mounting bracket are made from aluminum for use in high industrial pollution and salt-spray environments.

Technical Specifications

Triple-single and Single-phase

Item Ratings
Rated voltage 27kV
Rated current 800A (continuous)
Rated frequency 60Hz
Rated power frequency
withstand voltage
Lighting impulse
withstand voltage
Rated short time
withstand current
Rated short-circuit
breaking current
Rated short-circuit
making current
Operation mechanism Auto open & close;
manual open & lockout
Insulation medium Solid dielectric
Arc extinction medium Vacuum
Current sensor Ratio 1000:1; built in solid dielectric
Voltage sensor Ratio 10000:1; built in solid dielectric; 3 source & 3 load side
Standard ANSI/IEEE C37.60
Pollution level Class IV
(IEC standards)
Bushing materials Silicone and epoxy
Mechanical endurance 10,000 cycles
(includes bracket)
452 lbs 3ø
165 lbs 1ø
Product warranty 10 years


  • 2- or 4-hole NEMA pad
  • Animal / bird guard
  • Transformer for controller power supply
  • Lighting arresters
  • Operation bar for three-phase ganged mechanical operation equipped on operating handles


Triple-single Phase




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